We offer 3 strands of workshops that run along side our work. These cater to a number of different situations and have been practised with Schools, Colleges and Theatre groups.


We offer workshops that help students to explore literary texts in a new light. We use physical theatre to help young people get to grips with the narrative and characters of different literary texts found on the national English curriculum.


The workshops allow students to explore the texts using physicality breaking down the difficult language that is associated with classic literature, getting them out of the classroom it helps by giving them another frame of reference when sitting exams.


We have recently delivered workshops based on Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. We do a number of exercises that focus on breaking down the key moments of these stories and getting the students to recreate them which not only allows them to gain a clearer understanding of the narrative but also explore character relationships.


In these we focus on using physical theatre as a devising technique. We explore the ways we can use our bodies to start to create a narrative. We focus on the devising techniques we use as a company to create our work, looking at not only finding and exploring a narrative but also the different techniques we use to write a show using our physical work as a stimulus.


These workshops can be catered to a specific stimulus provided by you or we can use our past work to help the young people to explore the themes that provides. These workshops have found particular success in key stage 4 and 5 with students working towards devising assessments.


Between You and Me is our current production and alongside our show we offer a workshop program where we use physical theatre to explore the main themes that are present in the show. We focus on themes such as loss, separation and moving on. We give young people the opportunity to explore physical empathy and how to show emotion with their bodies.


We believe that in this day and age young people rely heavily on technology  and because of it are losing the ability to show empathy and feelings through physical interaction. Over the course of the workshop we aim to give them the tools to explore new ways of expressing themselves and the way they feel using themes that are relevant to their age group .


This workshop can be catered to any age range but has had particular success with students or young people at the end of education who are starting the next chapter of their lives, moving away to university.


Please find our Education Workshop pack here for more information!