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What happened last year! (Part 2)

Welcome to a new 2-part series here on our blog where we share a few personal highlights from 2019 and what we hope to achieve in 2020! Next up, Mark and Emily spill the details on last year and what 2020 holds for them...


It feels weird for some reason to say that we’re now in the year 2020 but what a rollercoaster of a year 2019 was!

-  I fully settled into my new life in Peterborough

- I moved away, with little notice, for 8 months to go on a cruise around the world and perform!

- I broke my hand

- I made many a new friend

And the list goes on!

2019 was such a transformative year for me as a performer having to move away, learn a lot of material, embrace spontaneity and so much more. I love the opportunities I gain that continuously allow me to grow and develop within the profession.

One thing that I can say with confidence is that I am extremely lucky to work in the industry I do but with it comes a lot of uncertainty… When will the next job come? Where will it be based? So I can’t even begin to guess what this year has in store for me but when I look at what is already lined up, it’s fair to say that I am unbelievably excited:

- I’ve got Performances of my solo show The Revelation of a Sad Christian Boy

- A lot of wedding planning to do (I get married NEXT YEAR!)

- Weekends away with friends

- And I’m FINALLY writing an album

All I know is that my best advice to myself is to take each day as it comes and never try to overthink every aspect of life. If you live your life with passion and drive and put your all into everything, then WITHOUT A DOUBT it’s going to work out!

I hope 2020 continues to be extremely exciting and unpredictable. I’m ready!


So it’s 2020. And as I’ve sat down to write this, I’ve realised just how horrendous my memory is. Reflecting back on last year and what it held for me I don’t think I quite realised how many things happened in those 12 months. Although I didn’t really do anything particularly new, I definitely did a LOT. I saw so many shows (mostly musicals), toured to loads of new venues and did A LOT of driving… which resulted in my car breaking down too many times!

This year me and Mark started working together on his solo show: The Revelation of a Sad Christian Boy, as well as doing my usual stage management duties whilst the show is on tour. I have tried my hand at producing the show, getting into contact with venues, starting conversations and this is a pretty big deal for me. For anyone who doesn’t know me, I’m not that good with new things so I’ve really been working hard on pushing myself out of my comfort zone and I’m proud to say I have.

Obviously, my year has still very much revolved around my love of working with young people, I started the year teaching at one theatre school and ended at two I became a chaperone, ran workshops, helped to make work focusing on them and so much more.

As for setting myself goals, I’m rather indecisive so instead of picking one or two things I’m going to focus on keeping it simple.

My goal for the year Is to make sure I’m doing at least one thing that makes me happy. I’m excited to see what 2020 brings for me and Push to Shove. (chest hit, chest hit, throw up peace sign)

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