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What happened last year! (Part 1)

Welcome to a new 2-part series here on our blog where we share a few personal highlights from 2019 and what we hope to achieve in 2020! First up, Tom and Alice spill the details on last year and what the New Year holds for them...


Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2020 is filled with all the happiness and chocolate in the world. I am grateful every day that I am able to have the job(s) that I do, to live in a city with such a supportive and close-knit arts community and have the most amazing support networks in both places I call home.

I've expanded my teaching repertoire from just acting/drama to singing, music and (somehow) dance! I've worked with some amazing young people on various projects, visited schools, become a chaperone, auditioned for a panto, auditioned for a west end musical, written a pantomime script, been to Center Parcs way too many times, eaten my body weight in waffles and chocolate muffins, and watched my best friend get married.

I find that I feel much less pressure not viewing the New Year as a fresh start, but simply taking each week as it comes using my weekly Happy Days planner (if you know, you know), and I feel the same about resolutions.

Making weekly/monthly goals works way better for me! So instead of my New Year resolutions, here are my January goals:

  • Find a new arts project working with young people

  • Eat more vegetarian food

  • Declutter, and only buy to replace

Alice x


I love the New Year, even if it does scare me a little bit. There is something exciting about evaluating the previous year and setting new goals and challenges for the next; even if it is just another Wednesday.

I am a creative.

Last year, I decided in my infinite wisdom, and alongside working full-time, co-running Push To Shove and just trying to survive my twenties in general, that I would continue pushing for my dream of being a published author by applying for my masters.

I got accepted (!!) and from September 2019, I became a student once more. This time studying Creative Writing and Publishing and spending my time between Lincoln and The Guardian offices in London. It’s hard work and yet I firmly believe nothing in life worth having is ever easy (unless you have a buy one get one free Krispy Kreme voucher, then congratulations you win!)

Writing has always been an aspiration of mine. From my early beginnings charting my holiday adventures to 2017 when I started plotting my first full length book. That book is now in its third draft stage coming into 2020, and I hope that this year will be the year I can go full-time freelance; combining Push To Shove and my writing goals is the big New Year resolution.

In 2019 I read 88 books; I wrote 86 thousand words; I celebrated my niece’s 1st birthday; I got a puppy! I watched 118 films; I went to a music festival; I went to Scotland; I saw two West End shows; I loved a lot of new music.

And now in 2020 it’s all about show 5 with Push To Shove, getting my book on submission and finally, finally, leaving my full-time job. This year is all about growth and commitment. But, it’s also about knowing that I’ve got this, and that creative burnout isn’t good. And that, in 2020, I can take time for myself.

Refill the well, have a biscuit, go again. Go harder.

Tom x

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