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Welcome to our first monthly blog!

We're trying to be better on our social media channels, however the last year has been such a whirlwind there's been too much to share! So we thought, what better way to keep you up to date than a good, old fashioned blog – with a B (we're not quite cool enough to start a vlog).

Push To Shove HQ is made up of all four members: Emily, Alice, Mark and Tom.

In an ideal world, the company would earn us all the pennies  we need to live, pay for our own studio, AND provide enough leftover for a biennial trip to Disney World (pipe dreams – never lose sight of them, kids).

But alas, we are just babies in this industry and currently live from funded project to funded project. So in between, we are all busy doing, well, the rest of our lives:

Mark, the superstar McCredie, is studying down in London at Mountview completing an MA in Musical Theatre. He’s been pretty busy over the last 4 months writing his dissertation and making a solo show, which was absolutely glorious (not bias).

Alice has been doing a lot of freelance work, including work with Rhubarb Theatre Company and is currently in R&D with Echo Echo Echo working on their show ‘Things we Find in The Dark’. As the only member of HQ not in full time work/education (proper nutter) Alice also facilitates most of our outreach workshops.

Tom spent the beginning of the year moving to Sheffield and managing the Nottingham branch of TopShop. He's also a massive book nerd and has become.... A BOOKTUBER! He's super cute, Check him out at tomtalksbooks.

Emily has been working on a number of freelance projects in Lincoln (she's pretty in demand with her technical knowledge and creative sass)but has spent the majority of this year teaching Drama and Production full time at secondary level.

After a successful show back at Lincoln Performing Arts Centre's NEWVOLUTIONS Festival in January 2018, we decided to take a small hiatus. We had been living and breathing our new show Between You and Me since July 2017 and forgot we had real lives! But now we're back, and raring to get started on our next phase!

If you can bear to read through another dorky blog, then pop back in May to catch up on all the exciting bits and bobs we've been working on over the last 3 months!

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