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"Part 4/4": We run a theatre company AND...

We've found that one of the biggest misconceptions about running a theatre company, is that making shows is our full time job... we wish!! (broken heart emoji). You've heard us waffle on about the admin work that goes into keeping our small business afloat in previous blogs, but what else do they do? I hear you cry! So we have decided to create a 4 part blog series called 'We run a theatre company AND...', that delves a little into our 4 very different lives.

Part 4: Meet Mark

Age: 25

Job Title: Performer/ Singer

Hometown: Peterborough

Favourite Colour: Orange

Favourite Film: The Blind Side

Favourite Animal: Cheetah

Biggest Fear: Birds

Favourite Place: Canada or Home

Favourite Book: I'm not a huge reader...

What first interested you in the Arts?

Since being tiny I was always brought up around music and it has always played a huge role in my life. Many of my family members sing and I regularly used to go and watch them perform at church, concerts and events. Singing was my first real interest in the arts and I vividly remember in Year 2 auditioning for the solo in the Christmas concert. From then on... the rest is history. We would always go and watch my sister sing, and seeing how amazing she was and how much she loved it was a big motivator for me. Watching theatre, dance, concerts and so much more used to get me so excited, and every single time I'd get post show blues because I was so happy yet jealous of the people on the stage. As I grew up my confidence slowly started to build and I used to sing and perform more and more. I attended Saturday schools and would sing at church, and I finally started to realise what so many people loved about being on the stage.

Although I'd loved performing most of my life, it was university that really kicked off the bug and I realised that this could realistically be my career. After Lincoln I went to Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts to study Musical Theatre and now it still excites me to say that performing is my job and I love every day.

What other work do you do besides Push To Shove?

Occasionally I teach MT workshops at Saturday schools and universities, but the majority of my work lies within performance. I have the privilege of singing regularly at incredible events and concerts and have done so as a lead singer at The Royal Albert Hall and The Windsor Festival. I've also managed to work with amazing companies, such as Zest Theatre, where I worked for them at an immersive music festival called Lost Village. Currently, as I write this blog, I'm travelling the world on a cruise ship working as a singer and loving every minute. Despite there being many challenges to the job, being able to sing

every day to amazing audiences whilst travelling the world and seeing beautiful places is just incredible.

Although all this work is so exciting, there is something so special about creating your own work and with the wonderful support I gained whilst at Mountview and with the help of Push to Shove Theatre, I'm so excited to be planning tour dates for my own solo show The Revelation of a Sad Christian Boy. I hope that as the company and I develop we'll be able to take more original work on the road and I look forward to the opportunities

this will bring us.

Also, I'm a dreamer. I hope to write my own music and maybe make an album one day but I'm not sure if I can say that is my job. Although, I get to call some amazing opportunities work... so we can dream!

I'm thankful every day for opportunities that come my way so I can only hope that they keep coming.

How do you think your other work influences Push To Shove?

As part of my job I get the privilege of working with a lot of incredible artists, directors and creatives and therefore I learn something new with every single job I do. My aim is to bring what I learn back into the room for PTS to help us further develop as a company. The amazing thing about working in this company is all four of us have extremely different skill sets and I believe that we complement each other massively. I hope that insight that I gain in other jobs can only aid the creation of our own work. The most exciting thing about this career and company is the possibility of continued learning. No matter how long PTS lasts, I have no doubt we all learn many new things with every project we take on.

I know I've said it many times and it may sound cheesy but I'm thankful every day for everything that I get to do with my life and, as long as it lasts, I'm excited to share most of that journey with my Push to Shove peers!

I have a lot of love for this company and the direction that we are heading in together.

Mark :)

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