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Keeping the Cogs Turning...

We're currently putting the creative brakes on here at Push To Shove HQ – living from funding pot to funding pot does really test your artistic patience and self-motivation! (tiny violin plays).

Between You and Me (BYAM) is in its final stages of R&D, hopefully just needing one more week's attention before hitting the road (Fingers crossed!!). However, in order to finalise the project and set up a tour, we need a little bit of financial help... Cue admin, applications and lots of chocolate. Like any business, there's always someone, somewhere keeping those cogs spinning so that we can ultimately share our work with you, our lovely audiences!

We research and view numerous venues to ensure our show is suitable both physically and demographically. Once we've determined suitability, then comes building relationships with the venues themselves – it's a competitive world out there folks! But a world we love and feel unbelievably lucky to be apart of.

Planning, planning, planning...

Another large portion of our time is dedicated to our education pack. As past and current teachers, our directors are truly passionate about developing a network with local and regional educational settings. As school funding dwindles, it is important for us to keep up to date with what it is that teachers and students require from external resources.

Our focus has to remain on how we can nurture and nourish the work students are already doing so educational settings can justify inviting us in. We had a blast facilitating workshops in 2018 and are excited to be both returning to and visiting new educational settings this coming year.

We are so so fortunate to be surrounded by a wonderfully supportive arts community here in Lincoln (and beyond!). Here's to 2019 being our best year yet!

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