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Welcome back, friends!

We hope you enjoyed getting to know us in our first post last month and decided to use this month as an opportunity for you to get to know the show and a bit of our history as a company.

Push To Shove formed after creating a physical theatre interpretation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula during our final year at University. We loved it! We loved making it, we were passionate about the themes and what it said about gender and society, we loved taking our clothes off. Wait, what? But, in all seriousness, we knew we had unlocked something in the way we saw and created theatre and how we could say so much more with our bodies than with our voices. *cue contact improv*

Two years later and after a workshop performance of Hansel and Gretel, a wordless adaptation of The Tempest and a 4-star run at the Edinburgh Fringe with Dracula, we made the bold choice to explore new territory; we ventured into the land of writing script and devising a show from the ground up. And so, Between You and Me tumbled chaotically into the world, and we could not be prouder of it. During NEWVOLUTIONS 2017 we performed the show for the first time. It was like watching our child getting up to graduate and just hoping – praying – they didn’t fall. We took a risk and pushed out of our comfort zones and it worked…well, sort of! What it did was show us we could actually take this new route: creating characters, writing text, choreographing to new music and new scenarios. It made us giddy!

So, what is Between You and Me, I hear you cry from the wings! BYAM (yes, say it again) is a story of love, loss, friendship and moving on. It follows our two main characters, Dan and Jess, and documents their life as they begin to uncover how they will cope when adult life threatens to separate them. It opens up a discussion about achieving your own potential and how friendships can help and hinder our personal growth. Following NEWVOLUTIONS, we received ACE funding and continued developing the show for a show back in January 2018 and after gaining more feedback we are back at it! The set is being built (more about this in our next post!), the music is being made and we are so excited to dive back into Dan and Jess’ world and give them the show they deserve.

See you later!

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