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A Q+A with our composer, Tom Adams

A little about you...

Hello. My name is Tom Adams and I am a Margate based composer and theatre maker. I love collaborating on new ideas with people, making lovely music with other musicians and touring the country with shows. I have 2 cats. One called Martha. The other called Morley. They are brother and sister and I love them so much. That's about it.

Favourite Film - You, The Living or Titanic (shut up)

Favourite Colour - Royal Blue

Favourite Place - Sitting on my sofa, watching a good movie

What was your main source of inspiration when starting to make music for Between You and Me?

I loved the idea of two people reaching a stage in their life where they have to go separate ways. It felt like a coming of age story. I can really identify with that as I used to live with my best friend Jayme. We used to call our flat 'The Palace'. It was good for a bit but then I got a theatre job which meant I was away on tour for about 12 months. The moment had gone. I still think about that. I wanted to create a simple guitar based melody for the main theme.

Do you have a specific process when composing music? Or does it differ from project to project?

It differs from project to project but there is one thing I do that helps keep me in the zone. I focus on one part of the script as a starting point. The part in Between You and Me I focused on to begin with was the games console being packed away. I imagined the fun nights playing it, with friends round and the sadness of it being packed away in a box, ready to move. This stayed with me and helped me create a sense of poignancy in the score.

What is the biggest challenge when it comes to making music for theatre?

The fact that nothing is ever locked-off scene wise. Changes can be constantly being made. This is exciting but also keeps me on my toes. I have to make sure the music fits the scene emotionally, time wise and create flexibility to allow the actors to breathe and play in the scene, keeping it fresh each night. I always want to support the scene and making sure I do that is the most important thing to me.

What is your favourite movie score? And if you could (re)score any film which would it be?

Oh my goodness, loads, but here are some:

The Lion King (Hans Zimmer)

The Shawshank Redemption (Thomas Newman)

Victoria (Nils Frahm)

Tron Legacy (Daft Punk)

From The Sea to the Land Beyond (British Sea Power)

I would love to rescore Brokeback Mountain or Call me by Your Name

or as a hobby, I love scoring old archive video footage of random families cinefilms from the 1950's. 

You can find Tom over on his website:

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