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5 Things We Learned During our R&D

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Every Idea is a Good Idea - physical theatre and devised performance relies so heavily on having a starting point, or stimulus. It requires that initial spark of an idea in order to grow, build and develop. Regardless of its initial subject matter, the idea will always lead back to the performance. It will be crafted to the shows aesthetic and target audience. Therefore, every idea is a good idea, because if the idea gets you moving and creating then that’s the first step.

Self-discipline is Important - when the whole company is part of the entire process, it’s so important to remain focused and disciplined. Playing games and having moments of wild creativity let us release any tension or outside influences and kept our heads focused on the devising of the show.

Keep in Touch With Your Target Audience - we loved having frequent contact with our target audience, it allowed us to feel continually connected with the shows subject matter and the experiences young people are going through. Their voices provided much needed motivation in establishing a narrative and to cement themes that need to be explored.

Get Some Feedback - informal and formal feedback formed the foundation of our practice and gave us the tools we needed to continue making theatre that caters for a varied audience as well as introduce us to new techniques, ideas and processes. Feedback from a wide array of sources - performers, technicians, producers - was fundamental to our continued growth and development as a company.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work - as a company of four individuals who take on a varied number of roles and responsibilities it is so important to establish specific roles and activities within the group in order to fully function as a professional company. This R+D allowed us to further cement these roles while also widening our own experiences to other aspects of the company. All these roles are vital to the creation of a show and the delivery of all the company’s expectations.

These are just some of the HUGE number of things we learned as a company throughout the course of rehearsing and developing BETWEEN YOU AND ME and we cannot wait to see the future of this show.

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