• We are Push To Shove Theatre!
  • A physical theatre company based in Lincoln
  • Physicalising the Non-Physical

Become inquisitive, Be focused, Feel challenged

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About Push To Shove

We invest in stories (any stories), then readjust them. We (re)capture moments – gestures, thoughts, mannerisms. We are four physical theatre practitioners based in Lincoln with one common aim: to create experiences. Our theatre plays with the senses and immerses you in a world that unearths relationships, characters and narrative. Become inquisitive, Be focused, Feel challenged.

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Our Shows

Meet the crew!

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The key to any successful performance is the audience, and we would like to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to come and watch our shows. Here's what you have said so far...

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Mark McCredie - Company Manager


Thomas Hitchen - Artistic Director